What we serve

          Ready To Cook

We serve ready to cook ‘Dosa Batter’, ‘Idli Batter’, ‘Vada Batter’ and ‘Fresh Grated Coconut’

No Added Preservative
No Soda
RO-Purified Water

Stone Grinded Batter
Finest Quality Ingredients
Modern Hygienic Kitchen

Lovely Homemade Taste
Less Human Intervention
Naturally fermented

Spices and Herbs

Purely Udupi Style

Where we serve


  • On call delivery available
  • Available in Groceries Shops
  • Available in SuperMarkets
  • Not Available in A-Class Supermarkets


  • On call delivery is not available
  • Not Available in Groceries Shops
  • Not Available in Supermarkets
  • Not Available in A-class Supermarkets.

A Healthy and Right food, for all ages, at all times !!!


Recently, we purchased your Dosa/Idli Batter for trial. We were amazed about the Quality and it tastes totally different. The Dosas are soft, fluffy and tastes very good. We have been trying different Brands available in the market but your product is certainly better. Congratulations for introducing a totally different product than what is available in the market. In addition, we suggest introducing Menthya Dose (Menthya & Rice WITHOUT UDDU) which may be preferred by many due to its health benefits. Hope you will continue to maintain your Quality.
Best Wishes

MRG Murthy

Enjoyed the batter thoroughly, absolutely delite.

Udupi Kitchen is miles good compared to ** or any other competitor

Arjun Belur